Pene oculto en liquen escleroso

Surgical management and outcomes of adult acquired buried penis with and without lichen sclerosus: a comparative analysis.

Monn MF1Chua M2Aubé M3DeLong JM1McCammon KA1Gilbert D4Jordan GH1Virasoro R5.

Author information:
1. Department of Urology, Eastern Virginia Medical School, 1512 Bordeaux Place, Norfolk, VA, 23509, USA.
2. St. ≥
3 complications (23.8% vs 24.0%, p=0.999) or early complications (35.7% vs 32.0%, p=0.797) between patients with and without LS, respectively. However, a higher proportion of patients with LS experienced late complications (33.3% vs 8.0%, p=0.020), which were mainly related to wound healing. Satisfaction with erectile function was higher among patients with LS (59.5% vs 320%, p=0.043).


AABP patients with LS behave somewhat differently than their non LS counterparts. They are more likely to require skin graft during surgical treatment. Though surgical success and complications are similar, they do experience a higher rate of late complications from impaired wound healing. Work on improving wound healing in this population should be considered.pene