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Surgical technique:
a ventral urethrotomy is performed transurethrally and a shallow wedge of the obstructive tissue is removed to achieve access to a proximal patent lumen. Appropriate size BMG is then harvested and prepared for delivery. A double arm 6-0 polydioxanone suture is used: each arm of the suture is passed through the proximal apex of the graft then through the urethra at the proximal apex of the urethrotomy and externalized through the skin. By pulling on the arms of the suture externally the graft is delivered precisely into its place in the urethra. Additional 6-0 double armed sutures are used to quilt the graft at its mid portion and their knots tied externally. The distal edge of the graft is sutured to the edge of the meatotomy with absorbable sutures.

We demonstrated the feasibility of incisionless distal urethral/fossa navicularis stricture repair with ventral inlay BMG. This single stage technique allows avoiding skin incision or urethral mobilization. It prevents glans dehiscence or fistula formation. It avoids the use of genital skin flaps in patients affected with LS and is a viable option for patients with distal strictures in a neophallus.
This technique was presented at the AUA2016 in San Diego.

Interesante y novedosa técnica para injertar el segmento distal de la uretra peneana